Security Whitepapers and Ebooks

This sections provides whitepapers on Security that details on trends, analysis and latest happenings in the industry.

  • Panda Managed Office Protection for Small & Medium Business
  • Securing People and Information: How to Protect Against Today's Web-based Threats
  • Enterprise WAN White Paper: Accelerating Applications to Optimize User Experience
  • Identity Enabled Web Services - Standards-based identity for Web 2.0
  • The Business Value of Internet Identity Security
  • Identity Enabled Web Services: Standards-based identity for Web 2.0
  • Secure Internet Single Sign-On 101
  • Trend Micro - WPF's End-to-End Vulnerability Management: A New Approach to Layered Security
  • Lower Security Risks and Costs by Minimizing the Time to Protection
  • Produce Distributor Migrates to Trend Micro - WPF Worry-Free Business Security to Protect Its Future