Disk based backup Whitepapers and Ebooks

As cost continues to drop for disk-based backup, it has become a more cost-effective means for backing up all your business's critical data.  It provides much faster access to your backups compared to tape-based backups as drive heads can quickly and easily be position to access the data you require.  It is also much more durable and last much longer as tape cartridges are more vulnerable to environmental conditions such as heat and humidity that causes the tape heads to get dirty and break much more easily.  In addition, they are also much more easily manageable compared to storing huge volumes of tape cartridges.

A backup system is a business necessity, required to ensure data will not be compromised due to any type of system failure.  The correct backup solution for your business should be based on business needs and available resources.  Disk-based backups provide relatively quick backup and recovery times, and may store data locally or off-site.  Offsite disk-based backups can be fully automated, and do not require transportation of physical media during backup or recovery.  Local disk-based backups may provide even faster data transfer times, but do not ensure the same protection from catastrophic events as off-site disk-based backups.