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  • What's the Future of Your FTP? Extend or Replace to Address Your Future Challenges
    On-demand Event Event Date: November 5, 2015 Ipswitch's File Transfer guru Paul Castiglione offers practical tips to assess your file transfer security readiness and key capabilities to make sure your file transfer systems are offering the best protection and productivity. Get specific guidance to meet your organizational goals including the role of automation. You'll get perspective on what IT professionals like you are experiencing, on topics including: How your FTP tools are helping (or hurting) your organization's ability to be secure and stay in compliance How file transfer automation tools can make you more productive with your existing FTP Server How the FTP server you choose affects reliability and security How Managed File Transfer takes your security and compliance to the next level Speakers Paul Castiglione - Managed File Transfer Education Lead, Ipswitch, Inc. Tamara Davis - Senior Technical Specialist, WS_FTP Server and Professional, Ipswitch, Inc.
  • Virtualizing Microsoft Applications on VMware Virtual SAN
    Because enterprises consolidate more business critical workloads on a virtualized platform, it's important that they design and build a shared storage infrastructure to satisfy operational and performance requirements. Recently, Microsoft has also redesigned applications such as Exchange to encourage deployment of these applications on locally attached storage for better economics. VMware Virtual SAN™ brings excellent performance to applications at affordable cost, along with unparalleled operational simplicity. This technical white paper describes how concurrent workloads of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL deliver Tier 1 performance on VMware Virtual SAN.
  • 5 Things You'll Love About Windows 10 and Lenovo
    A Better Way to Windows Is Here. Upgrades are a big deal. Microsoft Windows 10 is built on over 200,000 good ideas and improvements gathered from customers, and delivers a more productive, secure, and adaptive way to work. Lenovo® products, optimized for the same priorities, help you get the most from everything the new OS has to offer. As users work across diverse devices, locations, and workloads, Windows 10 and Lenovo combine for a smarter way to compute. Find out how two proven pioneers combine for something better.
  • No Longer a Necessary Evil: How Modern CRM Empowers Sales
    CRM has long been seen as a must-have sales tool. However, much of the value of traditional CRM accrues to managers, not the reps that use them daily. Learn how CRM designed for the individual benefits the entire sales organization from increased data quality to more predictable revenue pipelines.
  • ESG: Evolved Software-Defined Storage
    Over recent years, software-defined storage has often seemed to be equal parts reality and hype. Multiple solutions are leveraging the moniker with different definitions, providing value in different ways, and targeting different markets. One segment of software-defined storage technologies is intended to disrupt traditional storage array solutions by delivering (traditional) storage array capabilities as pure software with the potential for significant gains in enhanced flexibility and affordability. Traditional storage architectures were designed for the old way of IT: fewer applications with predictable demand. The exponential growth of data along with demands for data accessibility anywhere at any time are mounting pressure on IT organizations to find a new model. Hedvig, an emerging software-defined storage player, is focused on delivering a new level of storage flexibility and scalability along with the capabilities necessary to supplant traditional storage arrays by moving the functionality to software. The software-defined storage space is still relatively nascent and Hedvig will have to deliver on its claims, but the outlook is promising and with solutions like this one, software-defined storage could become a substantial element of any organization's storage ecosystem.
  • Why and How to Achieve Global ERP
    More and more companies are developing an interest in global ERP, and are confronting daunting barriers to getting to their goal of a single global ERP instance. Global ERP and enterprise software integration go hand in hand. Read this article to learn more.
  • Is Your Business Ready for the Mobile-First IT Support Evolution?
    Live Event Date: December 3, 2015 | 1:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific Modern help desks and support organizations have embraced today's mobile-first world and their support systems have evolved to reflect this. These companies understand that mobile support needs to be as important, if not more so, than support for traditional laptops and other desktop systems. Check out this upcoming webinar to learn about the challenges that organizations face when it comes to providing support to their mobile workers and how leading businesses are modernizing mobile end-user support to provide more effective service while reducing overall IT service and support costs. Featured Speakers: Jim Rapoza - Senior Research Analyst, Aberdeen John Bailey - Director of Field Engineering Lenny Liebmann - Moderator, IT Business Edge Attend this live eSeminar and be automatically entered to win a new iPad Air! Official Rules for more details.
  • Executive Viewpoint: Choosing Your Connection to the Cloud
    Anthony Christie, the Chief Marketing Officer for Level Communications, is responsible for customer experience, worldwide marketing and product management. In this informative asset, he shares his insights into why a private network connection to cloud-bases applications is the right decision for your enterprise. Download now to find out more.
  • The Top 10 TLS/SSL Client, Server, and Application Best Practices
    Ensure that you are using TLS/SSL certificates in the most secure manner. Read this white paper for an in-depth breakdown of the top ten TLS/SSL client, server and application best practices. This white paper covers how to ensure that: Security software and settings on your web server are up-to-date. Your Internet browser and client are up-to-date. Your client computers are free of malware. You keep an eye on the expiry date of your organization's TLS/SSL certificates and replace them in a timely manner.
  • The State of ITOA Today
    Simply put, IT operations analytics (ITOA) is Big Data for IT operations. Because IT organizations "see" with data, the goal of ITOA is to combine different data sets and uncover new relationships and insights. ITOA promises to provide a comprehensive and real-time view of what is happening in the IT environment. But how does ITOA itself happen? Read this eBook, the result of IT market research, to help you understand what your peers think about the state of ITOA today and what steps they are taking to build their ITOA practices.