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  • Forrester Wave™: iPaaS and Hybrid Integration Platforms, Q1 2019 Report
    As business processes become more complex — with the proliferation of over 150k SaaS apps that need to co-exist and exchange information with on-premise, legacy and cloud applications — there’s no alternative to using integration technologies to automate the monitoring, development, and maintenance of interfaces. The growing number of integration platforms can also make it hard to pick the right one. Read this analyst report to gain a wide-angle view of the leading vendors and products in the cloud-based and hybrid integration platforms marketplace, cut through the clutter, and select a solution based on your best-fit requirements.
  • Six Steps to Managed Services Success
    As a technology provider, incorporating managed services can help you not only stand out from other resellers, but it can also provide your business with a consistent source of monthly recurring revenue. But before you get started, you will need a systematic plan with well thought-out steps that include understanding your target market and implementing essential automation. If you’re considering adding managed services to your service offering, read this eBook to learn the six important steps to get the best results from this more profitable revenue stream.
  • Securing Office 365 Vulnerabilities with Okta
    Office 365 is a highly targeted application for hackers because it is widely deployed across industries. Okta’s security team commonly sees customers experiencing phishing, password spraying, and brute-force attacks, to name a few.   Office 365 uses several authentication methods and access protocols, but some of their authentication methods and legacy authentication protocols do not support MFA in their authentication flow. Attackers know this and commonly abuse these vulnerabilities to compromise organizations.   Read on to learn how to bridge the security gap with Okta's MFA.
  • IT in an Always-On World: Simplifying Application Management & One-Click Self-Service
    On-Demand Webinar   With the advent of ubiquitous and useful online services – such as social media, streaming, and ride-sharing – our expectations as consumers have changed. We can instantly watch any video, request a cab that arrives in minutes, and get any question we could have answered in seconds. Why should we expect any less from our infrastructure?   The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform fundamentally solves the complexity inherent in traditional infrastructures, delivering the agility, pay-as-you-grow economics, and operational simplicity of the public cloud from your own datacenter. Nutanix Calm - the native automation platform on Nutanix - builds on this solid foundation, enabling infrastructure teams to automate any common app-centric activity in any cloud.    Tune into this webinar to see how this potent combination solves the operational complexity problems of today while setting you up to turn any task - from a simple daily task to a complex app deployment - into one-click automation, preparing you for the future and freeing you to focus on driving innovation.
  • How Are You Responding to Threats? SANS 2018 Incident Response Survey Part 1
    What new and continuing threats are responders uncovering in investigations, and how are they dealing with those threats? This on-demand webcast releases results from the SANS 2018 Incident Response Survey that examines how incident response (IR) teams are coping with organizational structures, resources, and IR implementation in an ever-changing threat environment. Watch this webcast to learn how organizations have structured their incident response functions, what systems they are conducting investigations on, the threats they are uncovering, and how they're uncovering them.
  • Insight to Action: The Future of Professional Services for Consulting
    The professional services sector is in a state of flux. While globally, the sector continues to grow, competition has intensified and margins have gotten tighter. Suppliers no longer have the monopoly on specialized knowledge and corporate buyers want “more for less.” As emerging technologies signal more disruption to come, the future is most bright for those willing to embrace digital transformation across their organizations. Read this research report to learn the practical steps to follow so that your firm can remain competitive and tackle any possible deficits.
  • Your Contact Center Agents Don’t Have What They Need: How to Ensure a 360-Degree Customer View
    On-Demand Webinar   For years, contact centers have strived for a complete customer view, but siloed data and the accumulation of point solutions has continued to deliver less than stellar experiences for customers and agents alike. In this webcast, hear from Appian Contact Center expert, Todd Marthaler and eWEEK Market Expert, Michael Kreiger on best practices to ensure customer service agents are armed with the exact data they need to deliver the very best customer experiences. You’ll discover:   • Why data from across your organization (not just your CRM) is critical to incorporate into your contact center • How case management can drive higher customer satisfaction • Best practices on continuous monitoring and improvement of your contact center experience
  • Exploring the Challenges of Cloud Migration for Federal Agencies
    Cloud migration poses a number of challenges for federal agencies, from technical factors like security and networking to cultural factors like the change in mindset from on-premise to cloud infrastructure. Join our experts as they discuss these challenges and provide practical advice to federal agencies that need help with cloud migrations.
  • A Balancing Act: Growing Network Needs in K-12 Education
    Driven by new technologies in the classroom and the proliferation of mobile devices and digital content, K-12 schools and districts report their networks are being stretched — a trend that might continue as more schools explore emerging technologies such as smart transit and the Internet of Things (IoT). To identify network technology needs and priorities for K-12 education, the Center for Digital Education (CDE) surveyed K-12 IT employees and K-12 network professionals. Read this research report to learn how technology is transforming education, and the emerging network technologies that could change it even further.
  • Forrester Wave: Master Data Management Q1 2019
    The 12 Providers That Matter Most and How They Stack Up   This comprehensive report sheds light on today’s Master Data Management solutions and includes a strategic scorecard that can help guide your digital transformation journey.