Most Popular WhitePapers

  • How technology helps HR with better millennial workforce management
    Read this paper to learn how a structured and a modern, integrated technological approach to workforce management and workforce planning can result in desired business outcomes and more engaged employees.
  • Extending ServiceNow to Discover the IBM i and IBM Mainframe
    Struggling to get a complete picture of your IT landscape, including mainframe and IBM i data?   What if you could help Possess a single system of record and a single source of truth for IT? Gain full visibility into your infrastructure and services, leading to more control of your environment and better decision-making? Fully leverage your investments into ServiceNow, automate tasks and expand the capabilities – providing insights previously not possible?   Well now you can! Ironstream for ServiceNow® makes it easy and cost-effective to integrate Configuration Item (CI) data from isolated traditional IBM systems into ServiceNow Discovery, providing a complete view of your total IT infrastructure without requiring deep IBM z or IBM i expertise.  Read on to learn more.
  • Schneider Electric – Galaxy VS
    Increased availability. Reduced operating costs. First class power protection for critical infrastructure. Galaxy VS is a highly efficient, modular, easy-to-deploy 20-100kW (480V) / 10-50kW (208V) three-phase uninterruptible power supply that delivers top performance to critical IT, commercial, and industrial facilities. You need best-in-class power protection that is as high-performing and innovative as your business is. Galaxy VS maximizes your availability while minimizing your total cost of ownership, with highly efficient patented technologies and modular architecture. Read this product brochure to learn more.
  • How to Develop a Differentiated Strategy for Your Enterprise Data
    With resiliency as a top priority for CEOs, IT leaders need to think about how they will develop a strategy that is resilient but also allows the type of accessibility and opportunity required by the various roles across their organization.
  • On-Demand Webinar: How To Thwart Email Attacks
    In this webinar, Cylance Consulting Director Sig Murphy presents a comprehensive overview of the origins of business email compromise and evolving attack trends, providing you the information needed to proactively defend systems and endpoints from future attacks.
  • Leveraging Analytics to Combat Digital Fraud in Financial Organizations
    Digitization creates major opportunities for financial services firms — automating operations, expanding channels, delivering engaging customer experiences. There are challenges too, including unprecedented data and transaction volumes, channel control in electronic marketplaces and fraud prevention. This paper from the International Institute for Analytics summarizes key questions and answers about financial fraud in the digital age.
  • Best Practices in Financial Planning & Analysis: How Finance Can Take the Lead and Transform the Business in Just Five Steps
    For those developing the financial budgets and forecasts and planning for future scenarios, dealing with and preparing for constant change is a challenging part of the job. Finance, therefore, must have the agility to quickly react to, analyze, and plan for new scenarios, changing conditions, and new opportunities. But that can only happen if the right financial processes and applications are in place that can evolve, as well. This white paper examines five steps you can take to make sure your finance team is in a position to lead this financial transformation journey.
  • 5 Insights for Effective SaaS Management
    CIOs have plenty to think about these days. Shrinking budgets and too much work for too few resources are just the beginning. Security brings in a much more emergent threat. Cloud apps aren’t just the newest blip on the radar, they can quickly take you to DEFCON 1. Every SaaS application that joins the software ecosystem presents an element of risk. Read this eBook, featuring a compilation of insightful blog posts, for a variety of perspectives on the importance of properly managing SaaS for security, compliance and financial reasons.
  • Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook 2018
    Threat actors are continuously adopting new means to achieve their objectives. Drawn from real-life client engagements, the annual CrowdStrike Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook 2018 provides valuable insights into ever-evolving attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).   The CrowdStrike Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook, 2018 provides expert, real-world analysis and practical guidance that can further your organization’s progress toward that goal. It also describes the strategies the CrowdStrike Services team used to quickly investigate, identify and effectively remove dangerous threats from victims’ networks.   Download the Cyber Intrusion Casebook to learn: The emerging trends observed in attack behaviors, including the tactics threat actors use to gain entry and maintain a foothold in targeted environments Key takeaways — based on the CrowdStrike Services team’s extensive experience in the field — that can help both executive stakeholders and security professionals respond more effectively to future attacks Recommendations your organization can implement proactively to improve your ability to prevent, detect and respond to attacks
  • Device Encryption and Compliance
    Businesses are starring in high-profile stories of data loss. They are storing too much data and not doing enough to protect it. As more and more personal data gets exposed online, consumers and data protection regulations are demanding greater privacy. Device encryption is a security mechanism that protects data at rest on an endpoint. By converting information into an unreadable format, encryption technology protects data from unauthorized access. This white paper examines device encryption requirements and recommendations set forth by regulatory bodies.