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  • What's a Bug Worth?
    Get our official bug bounty budgeting and bug payout guide. Download to learn: Standard market rate for both critical and non-critical bugs How much to budget for your crowdsourced security program Reward ranges that attract the right talent
  • Major Incident Management Survival Guide for Service Desk Managers
    Your Service Desk System, On Its Own, Is No Longer Up To The Task! Major incidents can send carefully choreographed service desk processes into disorder. Systems and tools produce the data needed to resolve these incidents, but your challenge is getting that information to the appropriate people fast. Check out the Survival Guide and begin bringing order to chaos by learning the 5 essentials of service desk communication: Rapid Engagement Intelligent Responses Multi-Modal Support Integration with Operations Stakeholder Alignment Learn how only an enterprise-grade communication solution can support these fundamental strategies.
  • Your SAP® Future — Status Quo or Innovate?
    Industry analyst R "Ray" Wang shares how to deliver innovation at the speed of business demands After being on a mandatory evolutionary path for decades, SAP customers are faced with critical questions: Do I commit towards an S/4HANA re-platforming journey now? Do I rely on a single vendor indefinitely for innovation? Am I stuck with spiraling ongoing costs or is there a better and faster way to support business objectives with my stable, core SAP application? View this on-demand webinar as renowned Industry Analyst, R "Ray" Wang, shares his perspectives on the pressures and costs of settling for the status quo. Learn how leading organizations achieve innovation and agility by redirecting budget and resources with a priority for digital technologies to support business demands today. Don't miss out on this informative webinar.
  • Where to Find Top Technical Talent Beyond the Obvious
    Finding technical talent can be a daunting and challenging task. The culture or size of your company can have an impact on your results, as can your geographic area and types of job skills needed. Also, how your company is perceived among prospective employees, as well as the reputation of your managers and owners, could mean that you have to be a lot more tactful or aggressive as you work on wooing talent. This guide explores different places to find technical talent, and ways to engage with them as a potential employer.
  • Cloud Security Playbook: Strategies & Best Practices for Today's Volatile Threat Landscape
    Security is becoming top priority for organizations that want to stay protected while taking full advantage of the benefits of running in the cloud. If your organization's cloud security posture is driven by point solutions and lacks an overarching, comprehensive strategy, you simply can't guarantee the complete security and protection of your data, or that of your customers. This playbook on industry best practices shows you how to build a successful cloud security strategy from the ground up, and offers a step-by-step guide to stay secure and compliant in the cloud.
  • Redefine Windows 10 Management
    Windows 10, a mobile and cloud-ready operating system (OS), is poised to significantly impact on organizations' end user computing (EUC) strategy, with a unified platform for building apps and extending the organization's core processes to end users using any Windows 10-powered device. However, enterprise-wide execution of this business mobility vision comes with its own set of challenges. Read this white paper to learn how a unified endpoint management solution can enable organizations to fully capitalize on their mobility initiatives and IT departments to redefine themselves as true business enablers.
  • Gartner Unveils 2016 ITSSM Vendor Evaluation
    ServiceNow named a Magic Quadrant leader for three years running The Gartner Magic Quadrant is an invaluable tool for those seeking an unbiased, third-party evaluation of IT service support management (ITSSM) vendors. By better understanding the viability and competitive strength of each vendor, potential customers can get insight into tool capabilities, integration with IT operations management solutions, and many other factors to determine which solution best fits their needs. This year, ServiceNow is honored to be named a leader in the competitive ITSSM space for the third year in a row. Read the full, complimentary report for: A full assessment of key vendors An overall snapshot of the industry Insight into what makes ServiceNow different
  • ESG: Evolved Software-Defined Storage
    Over recent years, software-defined storage has often seemed to be equal parts reality and hype. Multiple solutions are leveraging the moniker with different definitions, providing value in different ways, and targeting different markets. One segment of software-defined storage technologies is intended to disrupt traditional storage array solutions by delivering (traditional) storage array capabilities as pure software with the potential for significant gains in enhanced flexibility and affordability. Traditional storage architectures were designed for the old way of IT: fewer applications with predictable demand. The exponential growth of data along with demands for data accessibility anywhere at any time are mounting pressure on IT organizations to find a new model. Hedvig, an emerging software-defined storage player, is focused on delivering a new level of storage flexibility and scalability along with the capabilities necessary to supplant traditional storage arrays by moving the functionality to software. The software-defined storage space is still relatively nascent and Hedvig will have to deliver on its claims, but the outlook is promising and with solutions like this one, software-defined storage could become a substantial element of any organization's storage ecosystem.
  • Seven Reasons Why Micro-Segmentation is Powerful to Have and Painless to Add
    Security breaches targeting government have become increasingly regular, and traditional defenses can no longer effectively protect against attacks. Micro-segmentation is a breakthrough approach to granular, dynamic data center security. Download this informative solution overview now.
  • Why In-Memory Computing Enables Business Innovation
    Many companies today are struggling with ever-growing business challenges, from addressing complaints through social media to handling the exponential growth of information in this new digital economy. To stay competitive, companies are adopting in-memory computing and leveraging cloud technology to run analytics applications smarter, speed up business processes, and simplify data infrastructures. Watch this on-demand webinar to see how the SAP HANA Cloud Platform is helping companies like yours transform into a digital enterprise, and learn why in-memory should be core to any on-premise or cloud strategy. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally, and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.