Most Popular WhitePapers

  • A VAR's Guide to Efficient Quoting
    What if you could save a few hours on quoting, and at the same time streamline the process for procurement and service delivery? You may be overlooking one of the greatest improvements that you could make to your sales operations. With shrinking margins on technology hardware, it’s more important than ever to practice efficiency as a value-added reseller. Read this eBook to explore the pitfalls of quoting with antiquated, internally developed, or custom quoting tools -- like spreadsheets -- and introduce the benefits of implementing a cloud-based configure-price-quote (CPQ) solution.
  • How technology helps HR with better millennial workforce management
    Read this paper to learn how a structured and a modern, integrated technological approach to workforce management and workforce planning can result in desired business outcomes and more engaged employees.
  • On-Demand Webinar: How To Thwart Email Attacks
    In this webinar, Cylance Consulting Director Sig Murphy presents a comprehensive overview of the origins of business email compromise and evolving attack trends, providing you the information needed to proactively defend systems and endpoints from future attacks.
  • The Internet of Things: Finding the Path to Value
    How U.S. Manufacturing is Responding to the Business Challenges and Opportunities Being Unleashed by the Internet of Things and Advanced Analytics   As more products and machines become connected, and analytical capabilities grow, new applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) will emerge. So too will manufacturers change how they make business decisions.   This IndustryWeek Special Research Report gauges the current and planned usage of IoT technology and analytics by US manufacturers. It also explores how manufacturers can develop a specific IoT strategy and apply analytics more widely across their organizations to drive revenue, cut costs and innovate.
  • Key Questions to Ask When Evaluating Cloud Business Phone Providers
    Businesses today are increasingly turning to cloud business phone systems to meet their communications needs. But how do you know which offering is right for you? This eGuide outlines twelve categories -- and questions within each -- to help you evaluate cloud business phone providers and ensure you make an informed decision that will benefit your business.
  • Building Your Private Cloud with Hyperconverged Infrastructure
    Businesses are increasingly relying on IT to deliver digital capabilities that will drive productivity and growth. Traditional infrastructure is not agile, does not foster innovation, and is burdensome to setup, manage and upgrade. See how IT professionals like you can rapidly deploy agile, software-defined infrastructure to rapidly serve applications that support demanding business needs and digital experiences.
  • Best Practices: Prepare & Recover Faster from Ransomware Attacks
      Live Webinar: July 24th, 2:30pm EST / 11:30 PST   Ransomware is quickly becoming IT’s worst nightmare. With 300% year-over-year growth in ransomware incidents in 2018, equalling more than $8B in damage costs globally, organizations need to prepare for the increasing threats and attacks.    How long will it take to recover from a ransomware attack?    Learn how you can leverage best practices in disaster recovery and data management to prepare for and accelerate recovery from ransomware acts, and achieve:    Instant RTO and low RPO Security isolation with Blanket Encryption Immutable, regularly verified and cataloged VM-granularity snapshots Massive retention with multi-site and bi-directional replication Whole data center recovery workflow automation
  • Building Intelligent Apps with Azure Cognitive Services
    On-Demand Webinar   Azure Cognitive Services brings the power of AI to the apps that you write – but what makes this technology so special? It’s a set of cloud-based services and APIs for building intelligent apps backed by machine learning and AI. With it, you can generate search metadata from images, identify and recognize faces in photos, translate text and speech in real time, analyze sentiment in text, build sophisticated image-classification models backed by neural networks, and more.   Join us as Jeff Prosise from Wintellect showcases this cutting-edged technology in action and learn why software can accomplish tasks today that were unheard of just a few short years ago. In short, see what the future of programming looks like – today.
  • Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook 2018
    Threat actors are continuously adopting new means to achieve their objectives. Drawn from real-life client engagements, the annual CrowdStrike Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook 2018 provides valuable insights into ever-evolving attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).   The CrowdStrike Cyber Intrusion Services Casebook, 2018 provides expert, real-world analysis and practical guidance that can further your organization’s progress toward that goal. It also describes the strategies the CrowdStrike Services team used to quickly investigate, identify and effectively remove dangerous threats from victims’ networks.   Download the Cyber Intrusion Casebook to learn: The emerging trends observed in attack behaviors, including the tactics threat actors use to gain entry and maintain a foothold in targeted environments Key takeaways — based on the CrowdStrike Services team’s extensive experience in the field — that can help both executive stakeholders and security professionals respond more effectively to future attacks Recommendations your organization can implement proactively to improve your ability to prevent, detect and respond to attacks
  • Managing Change in Java SE: So Where Are We?
    Oracle announced months ago that Java SE public updates are no longer available for commercial use without a paid license. So what does this mean for you and how does this licensing change impact you? If you’re still confused with the complexity with the new Oracle Java SE licensing, you’re in the right place. Watch this on-demand webinar for an overview of the Oracle Java changes and viable options and solutions to deal with the disruptions.