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  • The Truth About Cloud Security
    "Security" is the number one issue holding business leaders back from the cloud. But does the reality match the perception? Keeping data close to home, on premises, makes business and IT leaders feel inherently more secure. But the truth is, cloud solutions can offer companies real, tangible security advantages. Before you assume that on-site is the only way to keep data safe, it's worth taking a comprehensive approach to evaluating risks. Doing so can lead to big benefits.
  • Clone Oracle Ecommerce Stack into AWS for Cloud DR and Dev/Test
    Hybrid cloud platforms need to think in terms of sweet spots when it comes to application platform interface (API) integration. Cloud Velocity has taken a unique approach to tight integration with the API sweet spot; enough to support the agility of physical and virtual apps, including multi-tier environments and databases, while reducing capital and operating costs. Read this case study to learn how a global-level Fortune 1000 company was able to deploy an entire 6+ TB Oracle eCommerce stack in Amazon Web Services (AWS) in less than a week.
  • 5 Things You Didn't Know About Cloud Backup
    IT departments are embracing cloud backup, but there's a lot you need to know before choosing a service provider. For example, did you know: That encryption doesn't guarantee privacy? That you could lose data by choosing the wrong cloud? That cloud backup doesn't have to be slow? Learn all the critical things you need to know by accessing the white paper, 5 Things You Didn't Know About Cloud Backup.
  • ITSM: The New Basics
    On-demand Event Event Date: June 12, 2014 In the past, IT service management (ITSM) and IT infrastructure library (ITIL) basics might have been more rooted in culture and attitude than knowledge and understanding. Today, going "back to the basics" should include those basics as the starting point and the building blocks for modern ITSM that take into account what's worked and what hasn't over the years. This eSeminar takes a look back at the basics of ITIL and ITSM in the early days and compares and contrasts them for a starting point to create better ITSM end-to-end practices today. Featured Speakers: Ivor Macfarlane - IBM Software Group, Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Service Management Specialist Brian Jeffrey - IBM Software Group, Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure Client Experience Program Manager Paul Gillin - Moderator, ITBusinessEdge
  • Using Social Business Patterns to Transform your Company
    Event Date: June 11, 2014 In today's market, companies need to unleash the talent in their organization by delivering new ways of working to improve knowledge sharing and speed innovation across their organization. They need to provide an integrated, social, and personalized workforce engagement platform and tools that unleash creativity and seize emerging business opportunities to outperform the competition. Research has proven that when employees are engaged the business grows. Join us to learn how your organization can engage and empower new talent and existing employees to improve the end-customer experience, increase innovation, and enable greater positive impact on the bottom line and a strategic competitive advantage. Corporate leaders will learn how to: Increase knowledge sharing by providing rapid access to experts and expertise Reduce the time spent on information research and exchange Increase innovation through the wider reach of ideas Captivate your employees with a rich experience and the content they need, accessed from any device Register today! Speakers: Rupert Clayton ,CDW, IBM Collaboration Solutions Architect Maryann Johnson,IBM Executive Consultant Ron Denham, IBM Executive Consultant
  • IT Security by the Numbers: Calculating the Total Cost of Protection
    Humorist Franklin P. Jones may have said it best: "When you get something for nothing, you just haven't been billed for it yet." These are wise words of warning for businesses counting on so-called "free" IT security software. Kaspersky Lab has created an eBook to help you calculate the true cost of protecting your business infrastructure, intelligence, and reputation. Download IT Security by the Numbers: Calculating the Total Cost of Protection to learn about: The hidden cost of complexity The price of poor protection The performance trickle-down effect The bitter aftertaste of a sweet deal…and more!
  • Technology and Trends: See How Wynn Resorts Transformed Their Information Governance Strategy With Data Classification
    On-demand Event Event Date: July 10, 2014 Today, 80% of data is unstructured, and it's doubling every two years. Your organization's unstructured information is comprised of emails, documents, and other file types, and is saved to computers, mobile devices, the cloud, everywhere. So how do you go about securing your most important electronically stored information (ESI), mitigating risk, controlling costs, and reducing data loss if you don't know what data you have and where it is? With data growing exponentially and increasing demands being placed on how to regain control of this data, information governance is transforming the way we do business. The default strategy of "let's keep everything" has led to soaring storage costs, high legal costs in lawsuits, a heavy burden on IT for eDiscovery requests, and increased risk that sensitive data will get lost in the data chaos. Join David Tyburski, Global Director of Information Security at Wynn Resorts and Lara Bender, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at TITUS, to learn how a proactive Information Governance Strategy: Drives down costs, mitigates risk, and prevents data loss Enhances eDiscovery -- easily find relevant information for legal, compliance and regulatory requests Enables Defensible Deletion -- get rid of information as it goes from asset to liability Starts with your users -- Gain control over data at time of creation Register today to learn how taking control of unstructured data can jumpstart your Information Governance journey.
  • Advanced CRM: Answering Unique Business Needs
    Off the rack CRM doesn't fit every business. Are you better off with a customized solution that addresses your unique business challenges? This new white paper will help you decide if a more advanced solution is worthwhile. Our CRM expert gives you an honest breakdown of general and customized CRM information, including: Customized CRM considerations Pros and cons of a customized system Business requirements for any CRM system And more! Customized CRM may be the answer for your company…or may not be. Download and read Advanced CRM: Answering Unique Business Needs to find out now.
  • Global Customer Experience Trends and Best Practices
    New customer buying habits across diverse cultures and geographies are driving businesses throughout the world to rethink the customer experience. Four best practices define a new approach. Businesses must reach out across any and all channels that customers happen to be using and formulate a real-time, contextualized, and personalized experience that is enriched with information gathered in real time. Read this analyst report to learn why organizations that deftly leverage mobile, social, and advanced analytics technologies and techniques will ensure a leading position in the competitive pack.
  • Stop Guessing, Start Measuring: How to Use Mobile Analytics to Deliver the Best App ROI
    Where the business performance of their mobile app portfolios are concerned, most companies are flying blind. While traditional application portfolios are held to all kinds of ROI measure, the investment plan for mobile apps -- increasingly the more crucial bet -- is made by guesswork and dart-throwing. This interactive e-book investigates how mobile is driving the need for app and portfolio measures unlike any we saw in the days of web. Good mobile analytics must deliver leading indicators of user experience to drive business investment. Includes the five mobile analytics no organization should be without. Download white paper here.