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  • NVMe over Fibre Channel for Dummies
    Download this easy-to-read guide to learn how NVMe can help you achieve better storage performance. You'll get insight into comparing NVMe alternatives, developing a low-risk NVMe adoption strategy, and increasing the performance of mission-critical applications.
  • Driving Enterprise Chatbot Adoption
    The enterprise chatbot landscape is undergoing a significant shift, driven by the transformation to the digital workplace. Enterprise interest in chatbots is accelerating as a result of the need to deliver on the twin mandates of user experience and productivity. According to Everest Group, about 70% of large enterprises believe that virtual service desk agents will be the primary point of contact for their service desk operations by 2020.    Read the latest report by Everest Group to learn more about how to drive Digital Workplace strategy with the next-gen Enterprise Chatbots. The Everest Group whitepaper provides unparalleled insights on how to adopt virtual assistance model to transform your enterprise IT. The report:   • Delineates the benefits of chatbot adoption. • Examines the current state of enterprise chatbot adoption. • Introduces the key features and lifecycle of a user-centric chatbot. • Suggests best practices for enterprises as they expand their chatbot adoption.
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Windows 10 Investment: Moving from "Big Bang Upgrades" to a Nimble and Continuous Approach
    Every IT organization will agree that operating system (OS) upgrades – both on the desktop and server side - can be a tedious, time consuming, and expensive process. Microsoft has now launched Windows 10 as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to help enterprise IT stay current, with OS updates delivered frequently and seamlessly. This white paper highlights what’s new in Windows as a service (WaaS), how to go about implementing it, the associated challenges, and the value that a specialized partner can bring in helping enterprises keep their Windows 10 environment up to date
  • IDC Futurescape
    IT leaders have never had so much choice in their infrastructure strategies, both on-premises and in a hybrid or off-premises world. With this choice comes the potential to positively impact budgets, staffing, operational effectiveness, and business outcomes.   This IDC study presents IDC's enterprise infrastructure top 10 predictions for 2018. Highlights include that by 2021, the following will be true:   NVMe will replace SCSI as the protocol of choice in enterprise-class arrays; more than 25% of spending on AFAs in 2021 will derive from end-to-end NVMe-based systems. 50% of enterprise infrastructure will employ cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve enterprise productivity, manage risks, and drive overall cost reduction. Spending on hybrid cloud data services for data protection, integration and orchestration, security and compliance, and location optimization will total more than $60 billion. 65% of enterprises will be deploying universal encryption on server infrastructure to comply with data privacy, integrity, and confidentiality. This IDC study presents IDC's enterprise infrastructure top 10 predictions for 2018.
  • IDC: Business Case for All-Flash Arrays When Integrating Flash into the Cloud
    This IDC Research white paper discusses the state of enterprise storage with respect to the evolving cloud storage market, explains why flash storage is needed in these environments, and then discusses what Pure Storage brings to the table in this area. It also features an excellent case study with Cornerstone OnDemand, a cloud-based learning and talent management solutions provider.
  • Infrastructure Modernization for Future Efficiency (Blog Post)
    Most of today’s organizations rely on a legacy of expensive, cumbersome infrastructure to hold their content needs together. Executives around the world are being forced to rethink their vision for content management before they begin losing sensitive data, or the cost of scaling hardware becomes too much to bear. Read this informative blog post to learn the importance of an effective, scalable, and rock-solid roadmap to modernize your IT environment in order to maximize efficiencies and take full advantage of the latest cloud technologies.
  • Forrester Study: What It Takes To Be A Leader In B2B eCommerce
    Digital commerce is becoming a central strategy for driving core B2B business priorities — from increasing revenue to improving overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. But, new commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting finds that only 26% of B2B companies have fully implemented best practices that correlate with greater success in achieving these goals.   Download this Forrester Study to learn:   How to assess the maturity level of your eCommerce operations; Best practices for structuring your organization to drive eCommerce success; Critical capabilities to look for in B2B eCommerce solutions; Top tactics used by leading B2B businesses to transform their digital buying experiences.
  • Non-Quality Costs Reduction and Retirement Management
    It’s difficult to find the right technical skills needed to build an airplane. The workforce is often newly-trained professionals with a background in sales or construction. To achieve a level of operational excellence, it’s essential to train them quickly and in large numbers. In addition, many workers retire, taking with them their invaluable know-how. Encapsulating their knowledge has become imperative in order to quickly and efficiently train new employees. Check out this interactive case study to learn how Airbus reduced its non-quality costs by 76% and has increased profitability with SpeachMe training.
  • Advocate Health Care: Improving Patient Care with 40% Savings
    Advocate Health Care, located in Chicago, has one of the largest home health companies in the state with more than 250 sites of care and employs more than 35,000 associates. Its IT department challenged with providing wired and wireless networks to meet the needs of an increasingly digital hospital with increasing numbers of connected devices, while managing costs and ensuring clinical employee satisfaction and patient safety. Read this case study to learn how Advocate Health Care achieved its networking and communications needs, at a savings of up to 40%.   The Alcatel-Lucent name and logo are trademarks of Nokia used under license by ALE.
  • The Continuum of Cloud Native Topologies
    In this white paper, John Morello, Chief Technology Officer at Twistlock, shares a helpful model of viewing the different cloud native technologies as a continuum, to address different scenarios and efficiently choose which combination of technologies work best for running different workloads. The continuum starts with bare metal and VMs on the left, continues into “light” hypervisors (like Canonical’s LXD), and extends into containers and services like AWS Fargate and then, ultimately, serverless. Technologies to the left provide the most isolation and control with the tradeoff of greater management and performance overhead. Those to the right facilitate more agile development and app density with the tradeoff of less control.