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  • Prepare for the Unknown: How to Find and Control Any Application on Your Enterprise Network
    With the amount of users, devices and applications on today’s business–critical Wi–Fi networks, network visibility is no longer enough. BYOD environments need to be armed with actionable analytic insights that enable control of every application before bandwidth, performance, employee productivity or security is impacted. Having a dynamic and flexible infrastructure in place that can provide visibility and control over the entire wired and wireless network, including all devices and applications, should be a core competency of modern networks. This eBook will explain and show how the ExtremeAnalytics Platform uses the industry’s first flow–based technology to deliver unprecedented network application insights for every network environment to help enterprises understand, see and control what is on the network today and prepare for tomorrow’s BYOD threat.
  • Ransomware: All Locked Up and No Place to Go
    $500M — Estimated annual profits of the ransomware industry News stories about ransomware are becoming a daily event. Hospitals, government agencies and individuals have all been hit by this growing menace, and the threat is only going to grow. As cybercriminals learn just how effective this method of extortion is, Kaspersky Lab experts predict that ransomware attacks will become increasingly targeted at organizations most likely to pay. But there is hope. By learning the tactics behind ransomware, you can stop an attack from happening in the first place. Download our eBook, Ransomware: All Locked Up and No Place to Go, to learn the key facts you need to know, such as: How ransomware works Whether or not you should pay the ransom Tips for protecting your company from ransomware You don't have to be a victim of ransomware. Get the facts you need to protect your company.
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Deploying Microsoft Office 365
    Microsoft® Office 365 is a top choice for enterprises that want a cloud–based suite of productivity collaboration applications. With Office 365, you get access to Microsoft™ Office solutions practically anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device. It's a great option for current Microsoft users who can now build on their experience with Microsoft™ solutions while enjoying the flexibility of a cloud-based delivery. But even organizations with no previous investment in Microsoft will find that Office 365 has a lot to offer in terms of comprehensiveness, security, support for "hybrid" implementations and more. Before making the move to Office 365, every organization needs to carefully evaluate what's involved for a successful deployment.Here are ten things to consider about Office 365, as well as the role that a managed services ⁄cloud provider such as NaviSite can play in helping you address these concerns.
  • How Object Storage Delivers Better Backup: Analyst TCO Report
    Most data protection solutions make you choose between two imperfect storage options: high-cost disk or high-maintenance tape. There is a third option: object storage as a backup target. This analyst research note discusses how object storage works, how it uniquely solves the data protection challenge, and how it helps you meet your backup SLAs at 70% less cost than purpose-build backup appliances. Authored by the storage experts at the Evaluator Group, this paper provides a TCO analysis. Learn how object storage complements solutions from Veritas, Commvault, Veeam, and Rubrik to deliver better backup as less cost.
  • Quantifying the Value of NetApp All–Flash FAS (AFF) Storage Arrays
    This comprehensive economic analysis by ESG provides prospective customers with a return on investment model for evaluating NetApp AFF storage arrays.
  • Software-Defined Storage: Delivering Greater Business Value and ROI
    Today's IT environments have outgrown traditional storage infrastructures. New architectures are available, but enterprise IT organizations must find a way to bridge between old IT and new IT — and show a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) while doing so. Software-defined storage architecture delivers both the agility and the cost savings IT needs in order to meet business demands and accommodate the evolving data center. This white paper explores benefits such as lower TCO and higher return on investment (ROI) available with new cloudlike, hyperscale infrastructures, as well as the other advantages they deliver.
  • Lifting and Shifting Enterprise Apps to the Cloud: 5 Rules to Follow (and 1 to Break)
    For many organizations, moving enterprise applications to the public cloud can be a very attractive proposition, but planning the best way to move your applications is mission–critical. As an alternative to the costly option of re–architecting the application for a cloud environment, you can follow a "lift and shift" model that's significantly cheaper and almost always a lot quicker. In order to have a successful "lift and shift" migration, read this white paper to learn a few rules you should follow — and one you're going to need to break.
  • Accidental Project Manager's Survival Guide Series for Successful Work Management
    Tip 1: How to Stop Juggling Too Many Tasks Did you know inefficient working practices can cause you to waste up to 45 working days every year! We've created a series of Survival Tips with expert recommendations to help you beat the chaotic ways of working. Sign up today and get started with the first tip to reduce the chaos in your life.
  • 7 Reasons to Worry About Your Current Email Archiving Strategy
    The data growth explosion facing most organizations today is coinciding with the mounting demands of stagnant IT budgets and an increased need to retain data for both governance and resiliency needs. At its core, data must not only be retained but also efficiently accessed and analyzed to unlock its embedded value. IDC estimates that as much as 60% of this business-critical information is stored in email and other electronic messaging tools. This has driven new demands on email archives as they not only work to protect organizations from compliance and litigation risk, but also become the conduit for information insight that can transform business productivity. If you are unsure if your current email archiving strategy is ready to meet the changing demands of your business, consider these seven warning signs. They are the top reasons you may need to worry that your email archiving strategy won't meet your long term goals.
  • Dell EMC AFA PoC Up & Running in Minutes with Brand New Automation
    The AFA PoC toolkit v4.0 brings unparalleled levels of automation and removes much of the complexity associated with testing all flash arrays (AFA). Setup and configuration is reduced from hours to minutes by leveraging our simplistic, efficient utility.