Most Popular WhitePapers

  • How KPIs, Data and Emerging Tech Will Maximize Your Training & Development
    Modern learning and development initiatives start by asking why employees need the training, and seek to understand the ROI and ultimate outcomes that will define a successful program. This paper discusses a unique, modern approach to training and development that helps ensure programs are built to meet business goals, provide measureable data, and help employees learn and retain information.
  • Mythbusting the millennial workforce
    Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to their perceived needs as engaged members of today’s modern workforce. Discover why they are more like previous generations than certain maxims would presume—and what the generations have in common when it comes to workplace expectations. Also learn why HR teams are becoming more digital in order to attract, hire, develop, and retain millennials, the largest labor pool.
  • Six Steps to Managed Services Success
    As a technology provider, incorporating managed services can help you not only stand out from other resellers, but it can also provide your business with a consistent source of monthly recurring revenue. But before you get started, you will need a systematic plan with well thought-out steps that include understanding your target market and implementing essential automation. If you’re considering adding managed services to your service offering, read this eBook to learn the six important steps to get the best results from this more profitable revenue stream.
  • Defending Against the Siege of Ransomware: 6 Tips to Fend Off Security Threats Without Paying a King's Ransom
    The threat of ransomware is alive and well. While financial and healthcare organizations are often targeted, no organization is immune from attack. Ransomware is big business. The monetary costs are bad enough, but an even bigger risk is a damaged reputation. To win the war against this cyber threat, without paying a king’s ransom, you need a strong defense. Rather than arming yourself with catapults and battering rams, read this white paper for six tips to protect against the threat of ransomware and take control of your enterprise’s kingdom for good.
  • How to Make the Case for Training
    Technology changes quickly, and the organizations that are able to keep pace and introduce new experiences to their customers will rise to the top. Use this guide to help overcome objections and build a consensus within your organization for a continuous learning and development program for technology and developer professionals. Download the guide, “Why Continuous Learning is Valuable for Technology & Developer Professionals,” to make the case for valuable training that helps tech professionals do their jobs effectively.
  • Securing and Monitoring Serverless Applications on AWS
    On-Demand Webinar   As modern and distributed applications take a more prominent role in any stack, companies face challenges in understanding their complexity both for security and monitoring purposes.    This webinar reviews the best practices in securing, auditing, monitoring, and troubleshooting the AWS serverless ecosystem.    In this webinar, you'll learn:   • How to leverage AWS's serverless ecosystem and learn about the offered services and monitoring. • How to gain traceability to monitor, troubleshoot and get alerts across Lambda functions using Espagon • How to gain security visibility into lambda functions starting from their development stage, deployments and runtime phased using Aqua Security.