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  • Bedside Software-Defined Networking and the Evolution of Healthcare IT
    Solving critical healthcare IT challenges with software-defined networking Digitization is changing healthcare forever as organizations look to deliver better quality services, improve patient safety and provide the highest levels of security. Healthcare IT leaders should look to leverage a software-defined network. Read the latest from ZK Research to learn more >
  • Digital Defense
    The digital economy has created a new battlefield for the defense industry. In order to stay relevant, informed, and protected, defense organizations must think like technology companies. Read this white paper to explore five technology trends impacting the digital world, and find out how your organization can reimagine business models to maintain a competitive edge.  
  • Supporting Users Wherever They Are: What Does It Mean?
    On-demand Event Event Date: August 24, 2016 The IT support landscape has changed significantly in the past decade, thanks largely to mobile devices. In the past, IT organizations could count on users having standard machines and configurations, being in or near an office, or running standard applications across the business. Today's users are using multiple devices and platforms from any location, and they all have a need to access resources like corporate email. Watch this webinar to learn more about the best practices for supporting employees in this new paradigm and improve your IT support efficiency.
  • Transforming IT Operations Through Artificial Intelligence
    Legacy monitoring tools and services simply can't scale to address the complex and dynamic outputs of modern IT architectures. However, when your IT infrastructure is enabled with self-serving, self-healing, and preventive capabilities (i.e. artificial intelligence), IT Ops can be liberated from repetitive operational tasks and human errors that are often the primary cause of major IT incident. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the challenges imposed on IT operations with the adoption of new technologies such as cloud, software-defined infrastructures (SDI), mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Stop Business-Critical Workloads from Becoming IT-Critical
    While business-critical workloads are very difficult to predict — the one certainty is that they are increasing. Conquer Business-Critical Workloads With Dedicated Storage Networks, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, shows how improving app workload performance reduces downtime, and makes for happier customers and more efficient staff.
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing
    Box is named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Synchronization and Sharing™ for the third consecutive year. We are honored by Gartner's continued recognition of our compelling vision and commitment to innovation in EFSS. Since 2005, Box has helped over 62,000 customers address content management challenges and transform the way they work. Box provides a user-friendly collaboration tool for employees with the security, controls and compliance every enterprise needs. The 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant can help your organization: Get educated about which EFSS solutions are best for your business Narrow down your search of tools to short list or demo selections Evaluate vendors that fit your needs and business goals
  • 7 Ways Bots Hurt Your Website
    Building an attractive, efficient, and popular website is no easy task and the build isn't over when the website goes live. Modern Security/IT Teams, Marketing Teams, and Webmasters need to be aware that bots lurk around every corner, looking to infiltrate a website, alter their stats, distort performance metrics, steal data, and garner important information for another website or company's gain. Bad bots are a common problem, and there are several that can legitimately ruin your website. Learn about these common threats and how to prevent them from ruining your day.
  • The Game Plan for Closing the SecOps Gap
    While the joint efforts of security and IT operations ultimately determine an enterprise's security strength, the individual goals of these two groups are often misaligned, thanks to conflicting responsibilities and different metrics for evaluating and rewarding successful performance. The result is what industry analysts are calling a "SecOps gap," where poor collaboration between these two groups results in unnecessary security vulnerabilities, business-system downtime, excessive labor costs, and challenges meeting regulatory requirements. Read this research report to learn the seven technology, corporate culture, and process recommendations on how to eliminate the SecOps gap.
  • Your Software: Does the End Justify the Business Value Means?
    It's time for IT executives to gain their rightful recognition to contributing to business value. This paper explores what productivity issues are paramount in the eyes of the management suite and shares top ways IT's approach to data management and protection can support and enhance business value. It also provides top tips for developing a business value gameplan to help win the budget discussion.
  • 10 Things You Need to Know About Deploying Microsoft® Office 365
    Microsoft® Office 365 is a top choice for enterprises that want a cloud-based suite of productivity/ collaboration applications. With Office 365, you get access to Microsoft™ Office solutions practically anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device. It's a great option for current Microsoft users who can now build on their experience with Microsoft™ solutions while enjoying the flexibility of a cloud-based delivery. But even organizations with no previous investment in Microsoft will find that Office 365 has a lot to offer in terms of comprehensiveness, security, support for "hybrid" implementations and more. Before making the move to Office 365, every organization needs to carefully evaluate what's involved for a successful deployment. Here are ten things to consider about Office 365, as well as the role that a managed services/cloud provider such as NaviSite can play in helping you address these concerns.