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  • Hands-On Teams: Computrace Protects the Laptops of the Intelligrated Mobile Workforce
    The Intelligrated IT Department was concerned about potential laptop theft, and needed a solution that would allow them to track and secure laptops in the field. After researching available options, they chose Absolute Computrace.
  • Unleashing IT: A New Breed of IT Caretaker
    Specialization and efficiency are always in need. Whether it's replacing an aging roof, getting a haircut, or tuning up a car, most seek the assistance of trusted experts. The same is true in the business world, where an increasing number of companies are seeking the help of others to administer their IT systems and services. This special edition of Unleashing IT highlights a new breed of IT caretaker -- Cisco Powered service providers -- and the business advantages and operational efficiencies they deliver. By downloading this magazine, you agree to receive email from Cisco about related products and/or services. Cisco Privacy Statement Intel Trademark Click here for more articles and information.
  • Flash Memory: A Magic Wand for Application Acceleration
    Cisco and Intel have harnessed flash memory technology and truly innovative system software to blast through the boundaries of today's I/O-bound server/storage architectures. See how they are bringing real-time responsiveness to data-intensive applications—for unmatched business advantage. Sponsored by Cisco and Intel® Partnering in Innovation
  • Learn Why Analyst Firm Ovum Names SugarCRM a Leading CRM
    The latest release of SugarCRM's flagship product gives users new tools to build extraordinary customer relationships. Read an in-depth analysis of SugarCRM's enhanced ability to help companies execute their customer-facing initiatives from Ovum, a leading technology research firm.
  • Context-Centered Data Services: IT Decision Support Challenges Study by Forrester Consulting
    IT decision support impacts all aspects of technology management, from governance and strategy to budgets and resource planning. IT decision support effectiveness often falls prey to data-driven challenges that make it difficult to understand the data in context. These challenges: overwhelming data volumes, heterogeneous data types, and growing data complexity. This Forrester Consulting Paper reports the three key findings from their study conducted, on behalf of BDNA, to test the hypothesis that data challenges limit the effectiveness of IT decision support – and that dealing with these challenges will lead to large organizations depending on third-party help.
  • IDC Report: Optimize IT and Business Gains
    Data is increasingly critical to driving business. This IDC Whitepaper outlines how CIOs can understand what the "total cost of data" is across their entire organization and how Delphix can assist them in managing the data that drives the business forward.
  • Understand Your Customers or be Left Behind: Leading the Digital Journey
    Live Webinar Tuesday, August 26, 2014 1:00 PM EDT Customers are more empowered and connected than ever, and the customer's journey has grown more complex. Their expectations are growing and trust is diminishing as they may interact with multiple brands through web, mobile and social channels. Considering 70% of the buying process in a complex sale is already complete before prospects are willing to engage with a live salesperson -- it's critical to understand your customers and anticipate their needs.* However leading consulting firm Econsultancy reports, 91% of companies do not know why customers leave their digital properties without converting. Join this webinar to learn how to: Understand your customers digital journey with quantitative and qualitative analytics Influence your customers behavior to drive right set of actions Turn visitors into repeat customers through continuous engagement across digital channels and devices Gain insights on why traditional approaches of understanding your customers constantly fail Speakers: Sameer Khan Market Segment Manager Digital Analytics, IBM
  • Improving Engagement with Multi-Channel Service
    Best-in-Class organizations execute on a strategy that supports the multi-channel nature of customer requests. These leading organizations do not just open up their service infrastructures to accommodate new channels, but also empower their teams to deliver an effective and consistent experience regardless of the channel selected by the customer. This document will highlight the key business capabilities that support a Best-in-Class customer engagement strategy.
  • Standardized Operating Environments for IT Efficiency
    The Red Hat® Standard Operating Environment SOE helps you define, deploy, and maintain Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and third-party applications as an SOE. The SOE is fully aligned with your requirements as an effective and managed process, and fully integrated with your IT environment and processes. Benefits of an SOE: SOE is a specification for a tested, standard selection of computer hardware, software, and their configuration for use on computers within an organization. The modular nature of the Red Hat SOE lets you select the most appropriate solutions to address your business' IT needs. SOE leads to: Dramatically reduced deployment time. Software deployed and configured in a standardized manner. Simplified maintenance due to standardization. Increased stability and reduced support and management costs. There are many benefits to having an SOE within larger environments, such as: Less total cost of ownership (TCO) for the IT environment. More effective support. Faster deployment times. Standardization.
  • Solving for "Total Cost" in the Cloud
    As more and more organizations migrate to the cloud, many are faced with hidden costs emerging from unexpected places. Two non-obvious and non-trivial factors can drive up costs. First are separate charges for everything from server memory to intrusion detection. Second are the high personnel costs for early-generation, manually operated clouds. These costs can rack up quickly, creating total cost of ownership (TCO) surprises. Keeping TCO low in the cloud is essentially a matter of management strategy. IT managers ‘in the know' are all too aware that the "cheap virtual cores!" pitch can be anything but cheap for overall business. True enterprise clouds that can handle an organization's needs require a cloud provider with an all-in, integrated offering that gives you the set of services you need to deploy and maintain a robust, connected infrastructure. Learn the simple steps and strategies to avoid hidden costs in the cloud now in the free white paper "Solving for 'Total Cost' in the Cloud," including: Measuring the personnel costs Lowering costs by migrating to automated cloud processes Best practices for keeping TCO low in the cloud Leveraging the efficiency of expert cloud providers Download "Solving for 'Total Cost' in the Cloud" now - and learn how you can build an effective cloud management strategy that keeps costs down and business up.