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  • Leadership Tips for Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining a Multigenerational Workforce
    For the first time in modern history, workplace demographics now span four generations. Understanding the unique social influences that have shaped the behaviors of each is instrumental in creating productive work teams. And when managed effectively, their strengths, perspectives, and experiences can bring synergy in the workplace. Download this white paper for best practices on how to better understand and effectively manage a multi-generational workforce.
  • Achieve Predictable, Consistent Performance with Hybrid Flash Array
    The nature of the financial services industry places a myriad of international compliance requirements on a company's IT team, as well as an expectation by its customers to deliver the high test levels of performance and reliability. To survive and thrive, businesses in the industry must not only keep pace with customer demand but gain competitive advantage. Those demands mean the IT team must be at the forefront of adopting emerging technologies
  • Retail: Transformational Changes Today for Tomorrow
    On-demand Event Event Date: June 24, 2015 The strategies that once supported successful retail companies will no longer sustain them in a future world dominated by a new, more empowered consumer. Today, shoppers want to be engaged in a personal way so that their wants and needs will be met. As the balance of power shifts, there is an urgency for retailers to collaborate more deeply with shoppers, connect more insightfully, and innovate more boldly to stay a step ahead of competitive forces. Check out this webcast for a discussion of how to address these key business challenges.
  • The Business Value of Dropbox for Business
    From the introduction of cloud file hosting services, which allowed anyone to store files and access them across any of their computers, workers began quietly using file sync and share services (FSS) for work. They also began inviting coworkers, contractors, and partners to share folders and files, which began proliferating the use of these services in the workplace. Mobile devices further accelerated this trend. Today, file sync and share usage at work is a global phenomenon. Read this research report for a financial benefits analysis of an enterprise-class FSS solution.
  • Get an Enterprise Phone System without the High Cost and Complexity
    Thanks to wide spread cloud hosting and innovations small businesses can meet and exceed the legacy systems of goliath corporations. Explore the freedom to work how you want, with a phone system that will adapt to your evolving needs and actually save you lots of expense—read Get an Enterprise Phone System without High Cost and Complexity. The article clearly illustrates: The only hardware you'll need is phone equipment for advanced voice and fax. How to join all your employees, mobile devices, remote workers and varied locations in one easy to manage system.
  • The 2015 Guide to Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery
    Cloud computing isn't new, but it's still a hot topic in technology circles. Moving to the cloud has done great things for many businesses. When it comes to handling a basic business necessity, cloud computing has brought many improvements to overall business continuity. Using the cloud for DR makes a lot of sense for many, but it's not exactly the most simple concept. Read this eBook to find answers to all the key questions IT professionals have about cloud-based disaster recovery, and helpful info around the important concepts to understand.
  • Leadership: CIO Challenges in Today's Enterprise IT
    More than ever, organizations need to innovate to win in the marketplace -- which demands visionary leadership from IT. And nearly all innovation requires technology. Leaders must instill in their organizations the daily habits that enable and celebrate continual innovation, mastery, and fearless improvement of our own performance. IT can't provide enhanced value to the business without new ways of thinking, such as DevOps, continuous delivery, and Lean UX. Read this eBook to learn why leaders who embrace technology and technique are able to drive their enterprises into a better future.
  • Can You Really Support Business Continuity Requirements?
    Intelligent N+X Redundancy, Placement Affinities, & Future Proofing in the Virtualized Data Center Virtualization brought about the ability to simplify business continuity management in IT. Workload portability and data replication capabilities mean that physical infrastructure failures no longer need impact application services, and they can rapidly be recovered even in the event of complete site failure. However, Enterprises and Service Providers face new challenges ensuring they have enough compute capacity in their virtualized data centers to support their business continuity requirements, while at the same time not over provisioning infrastructure capacity resulting in unnecessary capital expenditure. Read this white paper for these three takeaways: How to maintain N+X redundancy capacity requirements while not over-reserving The challenges introduced by affinity rules, and how to manage them How VMTurbo simulates "What-If" hypotheticals to plan for future scenarios – including full site failure – so that you can make the necessary capacity decisions to avoid them today
  • Realizing the True Potential of Software-Defined Storage
    Veritas White Paper Learn more about the key elements of a strong software-defined storage strategy and how you can realize the many benefits of software-defined storage for your enterprise. In this paper, we'll discuss exactly what functionality to look for in a software-defined storage solution and why each is important.
  • 5 Reasons Your Storage Snapshots Aren't Working
    Snapshot-based data protection solutions were supposed to solve our backup challenges, weren't they? Then why are your backups still broken? Many issues with snapshots point to a need for better snapshot creation and management capabilities, to make backup and recovery more intelligent and more likely to succeed. If your snapshots are manually managed or of the "build-it-yourself" variety, there may be several reasons that they aren't working very well. Read this white paper to learn the five reasons why your storage snapshots may be failing and discover a better storage process.