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  • How The Growing Interconnectedness of Society Is Changing The Landscape For Business
    Based on interviews with some of the world's leading experts and drawing from their research, the report assesses the economic impact of hyperconnectivity so far. It examines how businesses have begun to adapt to the new economic environment and explores how customer behavior is changing as well.
  • Major Incident Management Survival Guide for Service Desk Managers
    Major incidents can send carefully choreographed service desk processes into disorder. Systems and tools produce the data needed to resolve these incidents, but your challenge is getting that information to the appropriate people fast. Check out the Survival Guide and begin bringing order to chaos by learning the 5 essentials of service desk communication.
  • High Growth Best Practices Guide
    What does high growth mean to your business? Ask your business peers that question and there will be critical elements and key priorities in common: the need for speed and efficiency, a future-proof technology strategy, and high-performance network connectivity, just to name a few. Of course, reliability, scalability, and security will also come up as indispensable aspects of any high-growth solution. This guide gives you an overview of the steps you need to build a foundation for sustainable growth -- the kinds of investments, drivers, and differentiators that are involved.
  • Schools Put IT Savings Back into Kids and Classrooms with VMware NSX
    IlliniCloud is a nonprofit consortium providing state-of-the-art on-demand infrastructure, computing resources, and other services to school districts in Bloomington, Illinois. To continue to meet demand, IlliniCloud needed to create a multi-tenant environment in which multiple organizations can access the same infrastructure. IlliniCloud's environment had to be highly scalable, flexible, easy to manage and able to secure workloads while keeping costs down. Read this case study to learn how IlliniCloud was able to achieve these objectives by implementing a software-defined data center (SDDC) approach.
  • Solving Time Synchronization in Windows-Based Networks
    Live Event Date: May 19, 2016 @ 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT Microsoft Windows® is a core component of enterprise networks worldwide. However, Windows is not known for the accurate time keeping essential for network and business operations. Many applications, such as shared cloud databases, virtualized environments, and billing and transaction systems rely heavily on accurate time stamps to be effective. Keeping accurate time in Windows-based networks is notoriously difficult. And it's becoming even more challenging in the face of virtualized environments and tightening legislative requirements. The pervasiveness of virtual machines (VM) alone, which are susceptible to clock drift, poses a substantial timing challenge. In this eseminar you'll learn about the latest in technology to solve these network synchronization challenges, meet the upcoming legislative requirements, and directly address the problem of timekeeping in virtual environments. Featured Speakers: Paul Skoog, senior product marketing manager at Microsemi Corporation Steve Ratzlaff, director of marketing and support services for Greyware Automation Products, Inc. Attend this live eSeminar and be automatically entered to win a new iPad Air! Official Rules for more details.
  • 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSSM
    IT service support management tools are vital for infrastructure and operations organizations to manage support and delivery of IT services. This Magic Quadrant research profiles key vendors of enterprise ITSSM tools to help I&O leaders make better selections.
  • The DevOps Paradox
    When comparing high performers to their peers, recent IT performance data is compelling and makes a strong case for the adoption of DevOps. IT and business leaders are realizing that the conventional wisdom around speed and quality that has been guiding the technology industry for decades is all wrong. In this keynote presentation from the Red Hat Government Symposium, Damon Edwards, co-founder of DTO Solutions, explains how going faster results in higher quality, lower cost, and better outcomes.
  • 5 Reasons Your Storage Snapshots Aren't Working
    Snapshot-based data protection solutions were supposed to solve our backup challenges, weren't they? Then why are your backups still broken? Many issues with snapshots point to a need for better snapshot creation and management capabilities, to make backup and recovery more intelligent and more likely to succeed. If your snapshots are manually managed or of the "build-it-yourself" variety, there may be several reasons that they aren't working very well. Read this white paper to learn the five reasons why your storage snapshots may be failing and discover a better storage process.
  • Choosing the Right Cloud Provider
    To keep up with the speed of business, more companies are replacing IT infrastructures with cloud-based services. But choosing the right cloud provider is critical to achieving the cost savings and agility that the cloud can deliver. New players, new use cases and evolving standards all impact the choice of a cloud provider. This whitepaper outlines ten things to take into consideration in order to choose a cloud provider with the resources and focus to make the engagement all about you and your company.
  • 2016 State of IT Report
    IT has come a long way since the days of operating solely as a support arm for the business. Today's IT leaders are driving company strategy by leading innovation to stay ahead of fast-evolving customer expectations. The way people interact with the companies around them has dramatically changed. With new expectations comes a fundamental change in the way leadership views, structures, and runs IT organizations. This research report examines these shifts across three key areas -- business strategy, people, and technology.