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  • Spotlight Video: Mobile App Management Takes Center Stage in the Enterprise
    Securely Deliver Mobile Apps to 100% of Targeted Workers Through a Private App Store IT leaders are realizing that the real transformative value of mobility comes from enabling your employees with mobile apps and content. Tapping into this full potential requires the secure delivery of apps to 100% of the target audience. With user demand for apps increasing and usage models broadening to include contracted and BYOD workers, it is essential to determine the optimal approach for securely deploying and managing apps. In this spotlight video interview, Chris Silva, Research Director at Gartner, and Stephen Wheat, Chief Information Technology Architect at Emory Healthcare, discuss how organizations can utilize mobile application management to securely deliver mobile apps to 100% of targeted workers with a private, branded enterprise app store. Watch and you will learn: Best approaches for enabling BYOD and extended enterprise users such as contractors, dealers, partners, suppliers and sales agents Why companies are shifting from a device centric approach to an app centric approach Watch the interview. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.
  • The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions analyst guide from ContactBabel and Genesys
    The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions gives a detailed and definitive reality of implementing and using cloud-based contact center solutions, an appraisal of the vendors and products available and a view of what the future holds. We'll give you an overview of the following: Cloud-based contact centers Who's using cloud-based contact centers Implementing a cloud-based contact center Strategy and market landscape How Genesys can help you improve customer experience with a cloud-based contact center To learn more, download The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions.
  • WEBINAR: Office 365™ Migration Questions
    Mimecast Has Answers Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2015 Time: 8am PT | 11am ET Duration: 1 hour The move to Office 365 and Exchange Online is the migration everyone is talking about. Join Mimecast for an opportunity to ask your specific Office 365 questions and hear the concerns of your industry peers. Mimecast has 13,000+ customers and makes email safer for all types of mail servers. With Neil Murray, Mimecast CTO and J. Peter Bruzzese, Microsoft Office 365 MVP, we've assembled our "A" team to provide an independent perspective on the questions that matter most. We'll lay out the facts, and help make your migration to Office 365 a smooth one. The Webinar Will Cover: Key considerations that may impact migration planning Hot topics that your peers are asking about Office 365 Answers to your specific Office 365 questions
  • Development Platform in the Cloud – Why, What, and How
    Live Event Date: September 23, 2015 @ 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT The cloud is not just about a runtime platform for your projects – now, you can do your development in the cloud, too. Check out this upcoming eseminar to learn how the cloud improves your development experience and team collaboration. Join Dana Singleterry, Principal Product Manager for Oracle Dev Tools, as he discusses how to simplify every aspect of the development lifecycle, including requirements gathering, version management, code reviews, build automation, and continuous integration. Discover how improving your team collaboration with cloud-based dev can help you deliver better applications faster. Attend this live eSeminar and be automatically entered to win a new iPad Air! Official Rules for more details.
  • When Seconds Count: Ensuring Business Continuity with 4G Failover
    Temporary network outages -- even those lasting just a few minutes -- can cripple organizations that rely on local Internet access at remote locations. Failover systems that automatically switch to 4G LTE cellular when landlines go down let organizations maximize uptime, even when the unexpected happens. Read this white paper to learn how 4G failover systems that use standalone gateways supported by a cloud-based management tool are proving to be a solid choice for improved business continuity and productivity in the deployment and management of mission-critical device networks.
  • An IT Survival Guide: The Great Perils of Travel
    Lenovo recommends Windows 8 Pro. "I dropped my laptop getting out of the taxi." This probably sounds familiar to most IT professionals. If your employees are traveling, you know their devices are in for a rough go. Whether it's a trip to the conference room or a convention out of town, any time equipment leaves a user's desk it is at risk of being put into harm's way. Stay connected at all times, whether at the office or on the go, with agile, durable, and flexible devices like the Lenovo® ThinkPad® Yoga™ 12 with Windows 8.1 Pro. Help protect your users and your investment. Download the Survival Guide: Users Happen "Great Perils of Travel" now.
  • The 2015 Forrester Wave™: B2E Cloud IAM
    The Forrester Wave report identifies the six most significant solution providers in the market, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor against 15 criteria, including current offering, strategy and market presence. Access your complimentary Forrester Wave report and learn why Okta is named a leader in the space.
  • 5 Reasons Your Storage Snapshots Aren't Working
    Snapshot-based data protection solutions were supposed to solve our backup challenges, weren't they? Then why are your backups still broken? Many issues with snapshots point to a need for better snapshot creation and management capabilities, to make backup and recovery more intelligent and more likely to succeed. If your snapshots are manually managed or of the "build-it-yourself" variety, there may be several reasons that they aren't working very well. Read this white paper to learn the five reasons why your storage snapshots may be failing and discover a better storage process.
  • Digital Business Requires Application Performance Management
    As digital business operations transform your products, customer experience, and workplace, it becomes critical to manage the rising complexity of application delivery. In this Forrester study, sponsored by BMC, learn how IT leaders are using application performance management (APM) to address their top business priorities.
  • Adapting IT in a Digital Age
    Live Event Date: September 16, 2015 @ 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT By 2018, Gartner estimates that 30% of organizations will formalize workforce digital literacy strategies to improve business outcomes and employee engagement. Supporting mobile devices and consumerized apps from a secure, tightly monitored, controlled IT system has been difficult – and risky. Yet, as more and more personal technologies invade the enterprise, the traditional IT balance will become even more outmoded, causing CIOs, IT directors, and even Human Resources professionals to rethink what is acceptable in the workplace. So, how do you reshape the enterprise for the future of work? Join experts from Pomeroy and eWeek for this upcoming webinar to hear how Workplace as a Service seamlessly blends the three components of an ideal end user experience: the technical, process, and emotional quotients. Attend this live eSeminar and be automatically entered to win a new iPad Air! Official Rules for more details.