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  • Cloud Security Playbook: Strategies & Best Practices for Today's Volatile Threat Landscape
    Security is becoming top priority for organizations that want to stay protected while taking full advantage of the benefits of running in the cloud. If your organization's cloud security posture is driven by point solutions and lacks an overarching, comprehensive strategy, you simply can't guarantee the complete security and protection of your data, or that of your customers. This playbook on industry best practices shows you how to build a successful cloud security strategy from the ground up, and offers a step-by-step guide to stay secure and compliant in the cloud.
  • Forrester Research: Eight Toxic Networking Vendor Selection Philosophies
    Many enterprise networking teams still struggle to shift away from their incumbent network infrastructure, even if it's the right decision for the company. This Forrester Research report addresses eight common statements that organizations use to rationalize their choices and criteria. Download this report to discover why each statement is an invalid justification for choosing a networking vendor and how infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals can change their thinking and their language to make the right choices for their customers and their unique businesses.
  • A New Generation of IT Architecture
    With the incremental innovations in IT, it is imperative that IT architectures support both incremental and radical (digitized) innovations. In-memory systems manage to form a bridge between traditional and modern IT architectures. In-memory systems can in principle be used for both on-premise and cloud applications, are suitable for transactional and analytical tasks alike and can thus form a uniform basis for the system of record and the system of engagement for both incremental and radical IT innovations.
  • NetApp SolidFire and Pure Storage Architectural Comparison
    Flash storage is one of the most transformative technologies being deployed with today's enterprise data center. The falling cost of flash, combined with array-based data reduction techniques, has quickly made all-flash architectures viable for a broad set of enterprise applications and use cases. Yet for large-scale enterprises and leading service providers, broad deployment of an all-flash storage architecture is a risk. This product comparison guide walks through four key all-flash storage solution design choices for NetApp SolidFire and Pure Storage to inform your storage decision for your next-generation data center.
  • Reduce the TCO of your WAN
    Traditional WAN designs are expensive, complex, and lack cloud application performance. Software-Defined WAN is transforming traditional MPLS-based networks into architectures that deliver performance, simplicity, and optimal access to on-premise applications and cloud services. Learn how these benefits, along with other unique attributes of SD-WAN, combine to produce a higher return on investment than an MPLS-only or traditional hybrid WAN deployment. Read this White Paper by Dan Conde, analyst at ESG, to learn: Comparisons of MPLS vs Hybrid vs Internet-only costs Recommendations to reduce the TCO of wide area networks Steps to make a transition to SD-WAN
  • Ransomware: All Locked Up and No Place to Go
    $500M — Estimated annual profits of the ransomware industry News stories about ransomware are becoming a daily event. Hospitals, government agencies and individuals have all been hit by this growing menace, and the threat is only going to grow. As cybercriminals learn just how effective this method of extortion is, Kaspersky Lab experts predict that ransomware attacks will become increasingly targeted at organizations most likely to pay. But there is hope. By learning the tactics behind ransomware, you can stop an attack from happening in the first place. Download our eBook, Ransomware: All Locked Up and No Place to Go, to learn the key facts you need to know, such as: How ransomware works Whether or not you should pay the ransom Tips for protecting your company from ransomware You don't have to be a victim of ransomware. Get the facts you need to protect your company.
  • How to Find the Right Enterprise Mobility Management Solution for Today's Mobile Workforce
    With today's mobile workforce, companies need a way to provide secure access to enterprise and cloud applications and to protect corporate data on mobile devices. Addressing these matters makes the choice of the right enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution a critical decision. So what happens when an installed solution is phased out? That is the situation facing companies using the popular Good for Enterprise (GFE) mobile management solution. This eBook discusses today's mobile device management issues, what's needed in a suitable EMM solutions, and how VMware AirWatch® can help.
  • Brief: OpenStack is Now Ready for Business
    The open source cloud computing project OpenStack has come a long way since NASA and Rackspace launched it in 2010. Backed by leading technology infrastructure providers including Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, and VMware, OpenStack underpins significant workloads at an increasingly diverse set of organizations, including BWM, CERN, Comcast, eBay, and Wal-Mart. For CIOs engaged in broader programs to win, serve, and retain customers -- and refocus business technology (BT) spend -- a planned and pragmatic rollout of OpenStack now demands serious consideration. This brief highlights lessons learned by OpenStack adopters, illustrating the technology's role in driving and sustaining change as CIOs move to embrace the age of the customer.
  • Get the Promise of ERP without the Limitations
    Outdated business systems can be one of the largest impediments to achieving the agility and speed necessary for success in today's highly competitive business world. Old, ineffective applications can stifle a business and keep it from reaching its full potential. Just one outdated system can bog down an entire operation. This Executive Brief reviews the benefits of business process automation (BPA) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), shares the limitations of ERP, and presents an alternative solution that, for some businesses, will be more effective and less expensive than ERP.
  • Is Your Infrastructure DevOps-Ready?
    The role of IT is to deliver agile, low-cost, and reliable technology services to the business. However, new technologies offer both promising results and massive complexity: virtualization, Docker containers, micro-services, cloud offerings, and more. Further exposing the limitations in this complex technology web is the relationship between development and operations. This white paper explores the organizational challenges that have traditionally divided application owners and infrastructure managers, the trends that exacerbate the negative business effects of this rift, and best practices on how to empower both sides to embrace the new DevOps era.