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  • IDC Technology Spotlight: Primary Flash Market Evolving to Next–Generation Architectures
    Download this IDC report to learn how your organization can benefit from new flash architecture built for the cloud era. The IDC report examines the evolving primary flash array market with a particular emphasis on how next generation flash–driven enterprise storage architectures will take performance, scalability and infrastructure density to the next level.
  • Gaining a Strong Competitive Advantage in Distribution with Configure-Price-Quote Software
    Technology has transformed the distribution industry so much that the industry is barely recognizable today. With the new technology options available today, smaller distributors can have the agility, precision, and speed they need to succeed against large competitors with deep pockets. Configure-price-quote (CPQ) software is one of the main technologies helping distributors become more competitive. Read this white paper to learn how an integrated, rules-based CPQ solution can provide an interactive visual catalog that speeds complex orders, while shortening lead times, enhancing revenues, and reducing costs.
  • ESG Technical Review: WekaIO Matrix
    IT is in a continual battle to simplify and "do more with the same, or less," but the continued growth of data has drastically increased the complexity and cost of deploying, managing, and processing data using traditional IT infrastructure components. One key component — enterprise storage and the underlying software that controls the storage — is fortunately evolving nearly as fast as the data is growing. This ESG Lab Review documents the results of hands-on testing of the WekaIO Matrix software-defined storage solution with a focus on management simplicity, data protection, and performance at scale.
  • When Faced with Tough Wi-Fi Challenges, Chuze Fitness Chose Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi. Read Why!
    Chuze Fitness is a fast-growing fitness chain with over 21 locations spanning California, Arizona and Colorado. Chief information and marketing officer, Kris Peterson, explains why access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi is a "must have" service at their gyms and why they switched to Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi. Chuze Fitness needed to provide a good user experience to the hundreds of guests streaming music, podcasts and videos as they worked out. They also needed to adequately cover their sprawling 20-40,000 square foot facilities as well as older locations that lacked Ethernet cabling. Find out how Chuze Fitness overcame these challenges with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi.
  • How to Choose the Right Cybersecurity Solution
    On-demand webcast Lately it seems that everywhere you turn, there's another cybersecurity breach — and hackers and thieves are never satisfied with the status quo, continuing to refine their tactics or create new methods of attack. So how do you protect your business now, but also plan for your future security needs? How can you guard against this ever-changing threat landscape? Watch Jeremy Smolik, Systems Engineer at Kaspersky Lab North America, in this on-demand webinar as we explore the biggest cybersecurity trends and challenges and what you need to know about them. Topics covered include: Ransomware Internet of Things Cloud Security Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) Employee and Insider Threats About the speaker: Jeremy Smolik, Systems Engineer at Kaspersky Lab North America Jeremy Smolik is a Systems Engineer at Kaspersky Lab North America. He is a technophile with a penchant for solving business problems with practical IT solutions. Jeremy is passionate evangelist about the importance of data security, privacy, and todays threat landscape. Before joining Kaspersky, Jeremy progressed from Sales to Manager at Polycom and led a national channel team. Prior to Polycom, Jeremy designed networks for Fortune enterprise, healthcare, and government in Solutions Architect roles with CDW and later with Verizon. Jeremy also supported the VoIP revolution as an engineer for ADTRAN.
  • Solution Brief: Modernize Enterprise IT
    Many enterprises are working with an IT architecture that's evolved over time. As business needs evolve, IT must decide whether to modernize incrementally, or all at once. Each approach has its benefits and drawbacks. Identity Management is key to modernizing IT; it plays a crucial role in migrating to cloud apps like Office 365 or HR information systems, building web and mobile apps, and opening developer access to business systems. Read how Okta's modern approach to identity management helps business lower costs, enhance efficiency of their IT architecture, while enhancing the agility and business value of IT organizations.
  • Use a CARTA Strategic Approach to Embrace Digital Business Opportunities in an Era of Advanced Threats
    You know that visibility is critical to security. You simply can't secure what you can't see. Read this Gartner research note to learn why visibility through a continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) approach is key to securing digital business. Download now to learn eight ways this approach can be deployed to optimize the visibility into your organization's cloud services, mobile endpoints, and digital ecosystems.
  • Private Cloud 101: Move at the Speed of Business
    With the cloud transforming application development and deployment — enabling organizations to improve flexibility, automate processes, and decrease time to market — some big questions remain. One of the most important issues an organization must address is how it can best employ the smarter tools and limitless scale that the cloud offers. One way that enterprises take advantage of the benefits of the cloud is by deploying their own private cloud. Read this white paper to learn how private clouds can boost agility, automate processes, and decrease time to market.
  • Why GDPR Is Important and What You Need to Do to Get to Grips With It
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will change the way that organizations deal with the data of customers, employees, and others. As of May 2018, GDPR means every business, government, and public sector entity that touches European Union residents' data or host in the EU will need to rethink their data management approaches in order to stay compliant and avoid massive new fines and bad publicity. This white paper is a no-nonsense guide to GDPR, covering its background, key rules, penalties, and best practice for dealing with this historic milestone in data protection.
  • Hybrid Cloud and Data Fabric For Dummies
    Read the ebook Hybrid Cloud & Data Fabric for Dummies to learn how a Data Fabric can ease data management complexity within a hybrid cloud and help you maximize the control of your data — from anywhere at any time. Find out how to: Seamlessly and dynamically move data across private and public cloud resources Keep data secure and minimize business disruptions Improve operational efficiencies, lower costs and predict application performance