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  • IT Security by the Numbers: Calculating the Total Cost of Protection
    Humorist Franklin P. Jones may have said it best: "When you get something for nothing, you just haven't been billed for it yet." These are wise words of warning for businesses counting on so-called "free" IT security software. Kaspersky Lab has created an eBook to help you calculate the true cost of protecting your business infrastructure, intelligence, and reputation. Download IT Security by the Numbers: Calculating the Total Cost of Protection to learn about: The hidden cost of complexity The price of poor protection The performance trickle-down effect The bitter aftertaste of a sweet deal…and more!
  • State of California Technical Case Study
    California is the world's eighth-largest economy, and its IT challenges exceed those of many national governments. That was particularly true during the budget crisis that began in 2008. In the face of severe budget cutbacks, state agencies needed to radically change the way they operated to keep meeting their missions to serve citizens. The State of California sets a new standard for IT with Shared Services. Learn how the California Natural Resources Agency harnessed the power of cloud computing to reduce IT capital costs by 42% and speed up service delivery by 70%.
  • CIO Guide to Virtual Server Data Protection
    Server virtualization is changing the face of the modern data center. CIOs are looking for ways to virtualize more applications, and faster across the IT spectrum. Selecting the right data protection solution that understands the new virtual environment is a critical success factor in the journey to cloud-based infrastructure. This white paper looks at the key questions CIOs should be asking to ensure a successful virtual server data protection solution.
  • IDC Report: Optimize IT and Business Gains
    Data is increasingly critical to driving business. This IDC Whitepaper outlines how CIOs can understand what the "total cost of data" is across their entire organization and how Delphix can assist them in managing the data that drives the business forward.
  • Cloud Storage and Backup
    The proliferation of cloud computing options has begun to change the way storage is thought about, procured, and used. IT managers and departments need to think through how cloud options might fit into and complement their onsite data infrastructures. This white paper explains cloud storage and backup, providing advice about the tools and best practices for its implementation and use. Read this white paper for some useful takeaways about how to take advantage of cloud storage for high availability, backup and restore, archiving, business continuity, disaster recovery and other uses.
  • Cisco Services Perspectives Magazine
    It's no secret what keeps CIOs up at night. Mobile, cloud, data, security, and social have become the "five imperatives," the drivers of business progress, innovation, and competitive differentiation. Business leaders around the world want to hear how other companies are succeeding. How are they applying the latest technologies? How did they get started? What outcomes are they achieving? Read this online magazine for success stories from organizations like the NBA, Pfizer, and San Jose State University as they use the cloud, mobility, and virtualization to turn imperatives into accomplishments.
  • Improve Patient Engagement and Profitability: Embrace Consumerism and New Technology
    Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 Time: 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes Legislation isn't the only thing triggering change in the U.S. healthcare industry. What's really causing healthcare providers to rethink how they do businesses is consumerism. Patients are now customers first. Their expectations for service are much higher. And given the new landscape of competition, healthcare providers are feeling the pressure to differentiate themselves through outreach, patient engagement and customer care - all "personalized." This webcast for healthcare technology, operations, and contact center managers spotlights the technologies and best practices that can make customer interactions more patient-centric and cost-effective. We've even scheduled three industry authorities to discuss them. Nancy Jamison, Principal Analyst, Information and Communication Technologies with Frost & Sullivan. Nancy will discuss key trends impacting healthcare providers, and how technology can make providers actual trendsetters. Bill Ramalho, CIO/CTO of Fairfax Family Practice Centers and Virginia Surgery Associates, two leading medical care providers in Northern Virginia. Bill will share the four core principles of his organization's solution philosophy, and how contact center and business process automation have helped improve profitability, outreach and patient engagement. This philosophy continues to position the organization strongly in the current healthcare delivery environment. Rachel Wentink, Senior Director, Business Automation Group for Interactive Intelligence. Rachel will share more customer use cases where providers have integrated the contact center platform with core systems like Epic to deliver personalized, cost-effective outreach and self-service. The webcast will wrap up with an extensive Q&A, during which these three experts will answer attendee questions. Please join them.
  • 2014 Workplace Trends and Salary Guide
    Reflecting the input of approximately 2,000 U.S. executives and hiring managers, this guide from Randstad Technologies explores topics important to business leaders related to the recruitment, hiring and retention process. The survey was conducted with professionals representing several industry sectors in the U.S., including information technology, engineering, finance and accounting, healthcare, human resources, and pharma. Download this guide for top trends and key findings in areas such as skills and talent shortages, turnover and retention, workplace technology initiatives, and salary benchmarks.
  • DevOps Done Right: The How and Why of Versioning Environment Artifacts
    Live Event Date: October 29, 2014 @ 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT It's well understood how critical version control is for code. However, its importance to DevOps isn't always recognized. The 2014 DevOps Survey of Practice shows that one of the key predictors of DevOps success is putting all production environment artifacts into version control. In this eSeminar, Gene Kim will discuss these survey findings and will share woeful tales of artifact management gone wrong! Gene will also share examples of how high-performing DevOps organizations are sustaining high throughput of deployments, while preserving world-class reliability and stability. Featured Speaker: Gene Kim, DevOps Researcher & Author Gene Kim is co-author of "The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win", and he is hosting the DevOps Enterprise Summit, a three-day conference, assembling leaders of large, complex organization who are adopting DevOps are sharing their transformation stories from GE Energy, Macy's, Disney, Blackboard, Ticketmaster/LiveNation, Barclays Capital, US Department of Homeland Security, UK.gov , Nordstrom, Capital One, Raytheon and more. Attend this live eSeminar and be automatically entered to win a new iPad Air! Official Rules for more details.
  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Service Desk Management Software 2014 Vendor Analysis
    The rapid proliferation of tablet, mobile, and BYOD devices accessing corporate IT resources deployed on dynamic virtualized and cloud infrastructures is significantly increasing the volume and complexity of the service desk's tasks and process. In response, service desk management software is evolving rapidly in order to provide IT practitioners with the tools necessary to deliver service and support for cloud, mobile, social, and big data technologies. If you're in the market for service desk management software, read this IDC report for a vendor assessment using the IDC MarketScape model.